Stimulating imaginations...

Boosting confidence...

Encouraging Creative Writing...


There is a great deal of proof that creative writing and art is therapeutic and helps to boost confidence in situations where, perhaps, individuals would not ordinarily have been able to express themselves.


Our course develops ideas onto paper and we, in turn, produce their very own exclusive book to high and exacting standards of comparable books.


The uniqueness is theirs.


The courses are aimed at all ages and abilities. Our youngest author is just three years old, our eldest is ninety-six!


We cater to individual needs and respect that everyone will work at different speeds and require various levels of input.


Please contact us for venues, bookings and price lists.

Lesson Plan - 5-week workshop





  • To think about story writing and designing a book.

  • To talk about the important parts of a story.

  • To think about settings and characters in stories.

  • To write a short story thinking about

        characters-settings-events and endings.


Week 1: Design sheets


  • Frontpage picture

  • Title

  • Book cover colour or design

  • Page design

  • Font

  • Dedication

  • Biography

  • Blurb


Week 2: Story openers and beginning


  • Why is the opening important

  • How to make the reader want to read on – The Hook

  • How to begin;

  1. Description of a character

  2. Description of setting

  3. Description of setting and character


During this session, we will read excerpts from children’s books and ask children to put their hands up if they know which book it is taken from 



Week 3: Events – Middle



An exciting plot has an unexpected event, a crisis, or a problem, which needs to be sorted out by the end of a story. Stories can contain more than one problem.


Plans could go wrong:

  • There could be an accident.

  • Someone or something could get lost.

  • The villain could take over the world

  • Something could get stolen.


Week 4: Resolution and Ending


Show how the problem was solved.

The final sentence is as important as the opening sentence. It usually sums up the story's theme or message.


What type of ending will it be?


  • Cliff Hanger

  • Sad/Reflective

  • Happy