Chocolate Muffin was originally launched as a local after school club. During our six years of trading, we are proud to have worked with a large number of schools across the UK. We are now commissioned to run a wide range of projects, including Intervention and Transition groups.

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As with most schools, we provide many different extra-curricular activities for the children of both schools in the federation.  None has done more to raise the self-esteem and inspire our children than Chocolate Muffin Publishing.

Week by week the children are guided through the process of writing their own book until it is finally ready for publication.  Parents, family, friends and school staff are all invited to attend the celebratory launch and book-signing and believe me, it isn’t ‘just like the real thing’ this IS the real thing.  The books are superb quality and the pride of the authors is immense.  Thank you Chocolate Muffin and come back soon!”

Alec Smith.  Med Executive Head teacher, Bursledon Federation.

The children were really inspired by the assembly that The Chocolate Muffin Club delivered. Over 80 pupils were interested in writing their own books so we are running 4 courses. This is a great opportunity for children to take ownership of their writing, to write for pleasure and to see their work professionally published.’


Michelle Loughrey Head teacher

Weeke Primary School.