Living Paintings

Jodee has been blind since birth and like most children her age, she has a passion for story writing.
Jodee wrote a beautiful story with us called, 'Two sisters go to the funfair' which we published for her in 2013.  Living Paintings - a wonderful charity that produces touch to see books for blind and partially sighted people of all ages, then made Jodee's story into a Touch to See tactile book for her. This is Jodee's story...


Young library member Jodee truly is an inspiration to us all. Not only is she a budding author, having written her own book, but we’ve also made the publication into a Touch to See tactile book for her. We chatted to Jodee, and her mother, Heidi, and they told us a bit more about the enterprise. Jodee is home-educated, and along with three other girls, who were also taught at home, she wrote a book for a company called “Chocolate Muffin Publishing“. This was a very exciting prospect, as it meant that the book would be available to purchase from Waterstones, among other places. All of the girls chose quite different stories to tell, and Jodee’s book is called ‘Two Sisters go to the Fun Fair’. Jodee admitted that she liked books best that were about girls – Heidi was her all-time favourite book. ‘Two Sisters go to the Fun Fair’ features two sisters called Stacey and Tracey, and the tale is about all the things they get up to – although Jodee did confess that she didn’t like some of the faster fairground rides.


Our Touch to See pictures have helped stimulate Jodee’s creative imagination; here she is with her very own tactile version of her self-penned publication. Jodee chose the tactile images for her Touch to See book herself and as you can see, she was very pleased with the final result!