Big people Little people




Grandparents sort of...sprinkle magical dust over little people.






We believe that Grandchildren and Grandparents hold a very special bond and can learn a great deal from eachother. What better way to nurture that bond than to join creative forces and write a story book together. Something you can both treasure for years to come.


You can either take part in our group workshops, or at home in your own time. When you have completed your story, our team will edit, design, print and publish it into a beautiful story book.

You will both then be invited to a very special book launch, where you can invite friends and family, sign your work together, in true author style and celebrate with chocolate muffins and sparkling grape juice!


Below is a picture of Tilly with her Grandmother, Sandy. Tilly wrote a book with Chocolate Muffin through an after school club and has now written a book with her Grandmother.

Below are pictures of the proud duo at their book launch.






































Why I enjoyed writing this with Granny;

I enjoyed writing this story with my Granny because it meant that we could spend a lot of time together discussing cats – one of my favourite things!  Also, it was lovely to combine our ideas to make something really brilliant together!  We were inspired a lot by the main characters and had fun making up all their adventures together.