Run in collaboration with CIC RCommunity, we deliver group sessions and 1-1 tuition to adults with learning disabilities across the UK.


Our workshops are carefully tailored to cater and adapt to individual needs, allowing every person participating to create a masterpiece they are proud of.

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Author of - My wonderful friends and the things we do together.

R Community work with adults with learning disabilities , mental health issues and dementia many have difficulties communicating. We are always looking at new ways of exploring individuals ideas, memories and imagination. CMP worked with a group of LD clients and produced some amazing story books. I was surprised at how much information we didn't know about some people although we had been working with them for many years. Being presented with their published books gave them a true sense of achievement.We are now working with CMP on writing therapy for our Mental Health clients and memory books to support our Dementia clients in explaining about the real person inside to those who care for them. A truly inspirational project.


Thank you.

Gill Lewis-LeeManager


Author of - The Hassassinator


Author of - The Amazing Amazonial Animal Olympics.

Click the PDF link to see Sally Smith's book launch at RCommunity. It was a wonderful day!